World War One Centenary Exhibition comes to an end

This Saturday 1st December Daventry Museum will be open with the for its last Saturday opening of the World War One Centenary Exhibition from 10am to 4pm.

During the morning visitors will be entertained with wartime songs from the era, played on the museum piano and accompanied by a ukulele and beautiful singing. Visitors are welcome to listen and join in singing along to such songs as “Pack up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag” and “Keep the Home Fires Burning”.

Guitar player and singer performing wartime songs.

The fabulous Robert, Sue and David who have performed wartime songs for the museum over the course of the exhibition.

Poignant exhibits commemorating the 100 years since the end of World War One include medals awarded to Daventry soldiers, silk postcards, and a Princess Mary’s 1914 Christmas tin complete with original cigarettes, bullet pencil and Christmas card – given to all the troops.

Collage of images showing war time memorabilia, black and white image of war and various medals.

Daventry’s tribute to the 114 Daventry soldiers who died during World War One culminated in the Empty Chair display which ran from 3rd November to 11th November at the museum. This commemorative project brought schools and community groups in Daventry together to remember the 114 soldiers by making a small model chair to represent each soldier.  The chairs were distributed in kit form to over 30 local schools and community groups to make and decorate. During the temporary exhibition the museum had over 1300 visitors to see the Empty Chair display which reflects just how much the soldiers’ sacrifice means to the Daventry community, 100 years on.

Empty Chair display showing 114 empty chairs representing each of the soldiers named on the Daventry War memorial who fell during World War One.

Image of model chairs to represent the 114 soldiers named on the Daventry War memorial.

Daventry Museum would like to thank all the participants and contributors to this poignant project.

The World War One Centenary Exhibition runs until 14th December 2018 and is free to visit.  Please note the museum will then be closed for the festive season from 1.30pm on Friday 14th December and will re-open on Saturday 12th January 2019 with the new Victorian Daventry – A Period of Change exhibition.

To find out more about the museum’s exhibitions then please follow us on social media or get in touch by contacting 01327 301246 or emailing [email protected] or by visiting the museum at 3 New Street, Daventry, NN11 4BT.

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