Astounding Inventions: The Daventry Experiment & the Birth of Radar

17th September 2022

The Daventry Experiment was demonstrated by Robert Watson Watt & Arnold Wilkins in a field near Daventry in 1935 and proved that the detection of aircraft by radio means was possible. This significantly contributed to winning the Battle of Britain and changed the outcome of World War Two. 

‘The first step’ by Roy Huxley, depicting the radar experiment in a field in Litchborough.

To celebrate this year’s Heritage Open Days theme, Astounding Inventions, the museum will recreate the experiment, with the help of visitors, to show how radar works and tell the story of its discovery.

Birth of Radar Memorial plaque in Litchborough.

The museum will be open from 10am to 4pm especially for Heritage Open Days and there will be lots of fun inventor activities for all the family to get involved in, including trying out Morse Code.