Saturday Opening – 5th August 2017

Daventry Museum Transport Exhibition poster.

Come and explore our Transport exhibition this Saturday from 10am to 4pm!

Have you ever seen a bus destination blind before? You may have seen one before but perhaps not fully rolled out like this Northamptonshire Bus Blind we have on display.  A bus blind was a roll of flexible material with pre-printed route names which would be turned by the bus driver depending on which route was to be travelled.

Electronic signs replaced bus blinds in the 1980s though older public transport vehicles in the 1990s retained this type of sign, originally made of linen then in the 1960s/70s made of Mylar, a type of plastic, and then Tyvek.

We also have lots of other fantastic artefacts on display including this child’s Penny Farthing and Hesketh Motorbike.

Image of a Penny Farthing in Daventry Museum.
Image of motorcycle on display.

There’s lots of activities for the kids to do too, such as object hunts, quizzes along with exploring the object handling and smelling drawers. Here’s what our young visitors think about the museum:

“Loved the trains”

“My 7 year old granddaughter and I both enjoyed looking round, she found lots of things to do”.

“I liked guessing what the smells were in the drawers and reading about things”.

“I have always wanted to go back in time and now I sort of have”.

So why don’t you come along to the museum this Saturday with all the family and enjoy a free day out!

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