Pre-book free entry to Saturday 3rd July Open Day

Pre-book your free entry to Daventry Museum’s Victorian Leisure exhibition on Saturday 3rd July open day.

Daventry Museum’s new exhibition, Victorian Leisure, has been open for over a month after a 6-month closure following the second national lockdown.  Staff and volunteers have enjoyed welcoming back old and new faces through the museum doors in the past month, many of whom visited during half term, like the lovely visitors pictured below.

Photo of two women, 2 girls and a boy posing for a photo in front of a mosaic in the museum hallway.

Visitors need to pre-book their visit on Saturday 3rd July by clicking on this link: Book free tickets to Saturday 3rd July open day.  Alternatively, you can call the museum on 01327 301 246 to book your free entry.

Fascinating objects on display include examples of early motion picture such as the zoetrope and magic lantern, to an architectural model of a Victorian theatre, Victorian outfits and an extravagant, green fringed, theatre handbill.

There’s a fun family quiz and object hunt available to do at the museum, as well as free peg doll making kits for visitors to take home, along with a free craft book, and templates for making your own Victorian puppet theatre.

Follow this link to our Resource Centre page to watch instructional videos on how to make peg dolls and a puppet theatre.

To find out more about what to expect from your visit, and to watch our welcome back video, please go to our Visit page

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