Mapping Your History Project – The Earth Museum

In January 2021 the museum successfully applied for a Museum Development East Midlands grant to take part in The Earth Museum’s ‘Mapping Your History East Midlands’ project, along with twelve other community-based local museums across the East Midlands.

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This exciting and creative project aims to connect collections, people and places by building a digital map resource, and celebrating great collections and stories of small museums and heritage organisations.

We have mapped 51 items from the museum’s collection on the following interactive Daventry map.  You might be surprised to see how far afield some of our geographical links are.  Zoom into Daventry to discover local stories and zoom out to a world view to see how our town is connected with a global community.

You can find a list of Daventry Museum’s items that are included on the map here: Daventry-Museum-Earth-Museum-Items

Follow the Earth Museum’s ‘How to to use’ guide to navigate the map: How To Use (

Enormous thanks to Museum Volunteer, Jonathan Lautier, for his contribution to the project.

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