British Science Week 2021

British Science Week 2021

BSW or British Science Week

We were unable to hold our award-winning science day at the museum in 2021 however, we do have lots of free and fun activities to download for all the family to enjoy. And even though it’s no longer Science week these activities would make for perfect rainy afternoon activities with minimal materials needed!

This year’s British Science Week theme was INNOVATING FOR THE FUTURE, you can find their activity packs here:

Did you know that the Victorians were innovators? To coincide with our #VirtualVictorians exhibition (available to view virtually now!), we have a number of Victorian themed activities and links below, including making optical toys and sending secret coded messages!

Optical toys and inventions fact sheet

What is a thaumatrope fact sheet

How to make a thaumatrope: Video:

How to make a zoetrope: Video: Make a zoetrope – CBBC – BBC Instructions: Art ninja zoetrope instructions

The Stroop Effect: The Stroop Effect – Colour vs. Words

Scientists and Inventors: Scientists & Inventors Fact sheet    Scientists and Inventors Word search

Old vs. New Technology: Old vs. New Technology activity sheet

Victorian inventions & discoveries: Victorian inventions and discoveries activity sheet

Morse Code: The Morse Code Fact sheet    The Morse code activity sheet

Spark Transmitter Demonstration:

How to make a yoghurt pot telephone: activity-sheets-victorians-2-578219

We hope you have fun using these resources and feel inspired to innovate! Why not send us photos of your creations, we would love to see them!