A few of the well-known people associated with Daventry

Daventry has played host to many notable people, including 20th century musician and organist Reginald Foort, academic and founder of Daventry Grammar School in 1600, William Parker, discoverer of oxygen Joseph Priestly in 1752, 19th century gentleman and councillor Edmund Burton, 20th century painter and royal academy exhibitor Daisy Smith, and even King Charles I who made his home at Wheatsheaf Inn, Sheaf Street for several nights during the English Civil War in 1645.

Poet Felicia Hemans, she of the famous opening lines, “The boy stood on the burning deck” and, “The stately homes of England”, lived in Daventry in 1812 and a plaque still marks her High Street home.

The museum holds a collection of Daisy Smith watercolours and lithographs from her lengthy artistic career. She was born in Flore in 1891 and continued to work until her death in 1983.