Heritage Open Days – Edible England

Illustration showing items of food and kitchen equipment and Edible England text

From 10th to 18th September 2021

This year’s Heritage Open Days’ theme is ‘Edible England’ and the museum is celebrating with a new exhibit within the trader’s exhibition area, exploring the town’s culinary heritage and culture.

Displays will include old kitchen utensils such as butter pats and various moulds, and some familiar cooking devices that are still in use today.  Daventry Pubs and Inns will feature alongside photos from the archive of past food retailers and celebrations in the town.

The museum will also be sharing tips from wartime cookbooks and traditional Northamptonshire recipes.  Why not pop along to the Farmer’s Market on Daventry High Street on 18th September from 10am to 3pm and pick up some local delicacies!

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