Daventry Railway Station Lamp Post

We are very lucky to have been given an original gas lamp post which used to be situated at Daventry Railway Station.

The station, originally built in 1888 as an extension from Weedon Bec to Leamington Spa, was demolished in 1963 but in 1969 Mr Norman Scrimshaw from Woodford Halse acquired the lamp post. He paid £10 for it and put it in his garden. Mr Scrimshaw later moved but left the lamp post behind for the new owner who agreed that it should be given to the Museum.

Our Museum Curator has spent hours restoring the lamp post to its current pristine condition. It is now positioned in our stairwell along with an explanation of its history. If you have an interest in the old, now non-existant, railway station pay us a visit!

Railway Station lamp post at Daventry Museum

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