Daventry Museum Work Experience Blog – July 2022

By Eve Worthington from Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village, Daventry.

On my first day of my work experience, I was really nervous. I don’t tend to be very social and find it difficult talking to new people. However, over the course of the week, I have met many new people and I feel really comfortable communicating with others.

I started my week by having a tour of the museum. This got me acquainted with my working environment for the next week. I then stapled some self-guided walks of Daventry. A simple task, but it was a nice transition to the unfamiliar environment. Sophie (Museum Officer) got me to log some items in a new collection.

On Wednesday, I logged some old veterinary books from the 1800s and 1900s. This included some interesting books about animal anatomy and different remedies and medicines. There was also a diary from 1943 that had gas warfare and first aid notes that I found quite interesting.

On Thursday I designed some activities and information sheets for a new Doctor Who display. I also helped take some photos of loaned items that will be featured.

On Friday, Sophie helped me fill in some forms for the collections I had logged. I then wrote some extra information about the owner of the veterinary books which will go with the collection.

Overall, I really liked working at the museum. It was an environment that I didn’t think would work for me, however, everyone was so welcoming that I thoroughly enjoyed my week.

Thank you so much Daventry Museum for allowing me to do my work experience here, I have had a lovely time and I wouldn’t want to do my work experience anywhere else.

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  1. Malcolm Ogle on

    And who says that Museums hold no interest for younger people. The only way to keep history intact is for us older people to pass it down to the upcoming generation. Just hope that the experience that this young lady had will help her in deciding upon what she does in future. Well done Daventry Museum.


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