Daventry Businesses Exhibition 2016 – Call for memorabilia

Daventry Businesses Objects

From January 2016 until the end of April 2016, Daventry Museum will be holding and exhibition on “Daventry Businesses – Past and Present” which will feature major companies that located to Daventry such as British Timken, Stead & Simpson and existing businesses such as Cummins and Ford Motor Company.

The displays will show how Daventry’s businesses, large and small, including butchers, bakers, grocers, hardware stores and pubs, have changed the face of Daventry over the years.

Daventry Museum is calling for any items that relate to local, Daventry business to go alongside the Museum’s collection to help tell the story of how those industries influenced the development of the Town.  Artefacts on display vary from old cinema tickets and a horse whip to a sausage maker and an enormous winnowing machine.

The exhibition will coincide with British Science Week which starts on Friday 11th March to Sunday 20th March.  The Museum is looking to engage with young and old through science, technology and engineering activities throughout the week.

Contact Daventry Museum on 01327 301246 for more information. You can also reach the museum via [email protected] or by post at Daventry Museum, Daventry Town Council, 3 New Street, Daventry, NN11 4BT.

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