Daventry Calling: Collaborating, sharing and shaping Histories.

Daventry Museum believes that understanding our past and shaping our history, unlocks the potential of our community’s future. Our aims are;

  • To provide a friendly welcoming space for memorable experiences, through regularly changing exhibitions and wide ranging engagement with audiences.
  • To communicate a sense of the town and its identity and the connections between the past and present.
  • To enter into an inclusive dialogue with visitors and users, deepening understanding of the history and contemporary nature of Daventry town.
  • To engage in a dialogue with audiences, enabling visitors to record their feelings and memories in the museum through but not limited to, oral histories, donating objects or collaborations.
  • To continue to work with local communities to further develop the museums collections, including contemporary collecting.
  • To continually develop our audience to include families, young people, schools, specialist interest groups and those with disabilities.
  • To provide a range of opportunities for volunteers to become involved in supporting the museum.
  • To continue to develop the Town Council building as a cultural Hub for the Town