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Virtual Museum Resources and Activities

We hope these resources provide you with activities to while away a few hours when the museum isn’t open and explore the countryside you might think you know well with our self-guided walk of Borough Hill.

Self-Guided Walk in the Countryside of Daventry

Borough Hill in Daventry is an English Heritage protected site managed by Daventry District Council. Explore the site more via this wonderful story map created by CLASP and Museum of London Archaeology.

Some of the artefacts excavated from the hill are in the museum collection and you can view then via our virtual museum tour.

Download the self-guided walk below and explore the geology, nature and history including the English Civil War history of this beautiful location.

(Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic please take Government advice and guidelines about social distancing into consideration. This walk has been trialed and was safe to walk at the time of publishing but Daventry Town Council and Museum take no responsibility for those choosing to complete this walk).

Borough Hill Self guided walk combined v.1


Battle of Naseby

Design your own Flag just like the General of a Civil War army would have done.

Preschool-Year 2 Design your own Flag A4 2020

School Design your own Flag A4 2020




Colour in some Civil War Soldiers – remember Parliamentarians wore plainer clothes than the more decorative and flamboyant Royalists.

Battle of Naseby Soldiers Colouring pages


Some of the sheets are Word docs that can be downloaded and completed without need to print.

evacuees_suitcase_JO_Activity sheet

WW2 word search 2

Food_Rationing – Activity sheet






Virtual Tour and Treasure Hunt around Daventry Town

Our Virtual Treasure Hunt of Daventry Town Centre using Google Maps can be downloaded here Fun Virtual Treasure Hunt of Daventry Town Centre Apr 2020. There’s no need to print it out, download it and save to your desk top before using the hyperlinks (otherwise you’ll lose the quiz pages when the links take you to the map) you can write your answers down on a piece of paper or in an email to if you would like to check your answers!