Explore: Daventry Town & Country

Daventry is an historical market town, shaped by the people and the industries that have thrived here. In normal times we have some self-guided walks to take you through the countryside of Borough Hill and the town centre which are available to download via however, during the Covid-19 pandemic you can instead download the Daventry Town Virtual Treasure Hunt using Google Maps via our Resource Centre page.

Explore: People’s stories

We are interested in Daventry from a personal perspective and how people’s experiences are tied up with the objects we hold. We explore the collection and its relationship with the town through themes which everyone can relate to. This allows us to revisit and refresh displays and for others to bring in new material, stories and perspectives.

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Explore local trades, industries, great achievements and inventions, shopping, trading, the market and their impact on the town.



Explore the changing face of family home, tastes and life styles



Explore sports clubs, games of the past, cinema, theatre and hobbies.



Explore BBC history, radar technology, communication and transport

Dav Railway Station

Having your say

Democracy, law, citizenship, local heroes and the explore the Town Charters



Explore what makes us… us? What defines us and where we see our future, the museum aims to tell the stories of the people of Daventry and we want anyone who has a story an object or idea to share this here.



Explore key individuals through the ages who have shaped or represent the town’s different eras.