Charity Football cup

This large silver cup was originally a musket shooting trophy of the Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry. The first shield is dated 1904. When the Yeomanry disbanded in 1921 the cup was presented to the Borough Council for use as a sporting trophy and it became the Charity Football Cup. In both cases, if you wanted to get your hands on the trophy, you had… Read more »

Kings Quest

Did you know you have an alternative reality? That’s right. Millions of gamers have adventured in the Kingdom of Daventry since 1984. The computer game ‘King’s Quest’ has a huge cult following worldwide

Stead and Simpson’s works dinner photo

Factories like Stead and Simpson had sports teams, work outings and entertainments for workers and their families. Today this tradition continues with companies like Cummins.

Tennis racket

Bought in the 1940s this is a long way from the hi-tech rackets of today, but sport is nothing new. Its owner Gwen Rintoul used to play tennis on the grass courts in the ‘Rec’ as a young girl. There were no courts at the Grammar School then as these had been dug up during WW2 in order to plant potatoes for the… Read more »