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Virtual Victorians 360° tour – now live!

New exhibition – Victorian Leisure; a spotlight on entertainment & science Explore an era of wondrous scientific discoveries, theatre and entertainment in our virtual Victorians exhibition.  The 360° tour is now live, and free to access from our website by visiting the What’s On page. Fascinating objects on display include examples of early motion picture such as the zoetrope and magic lantern, to… Read more »

Roman mosaic returns!

Roman mosaic conservation complete One of the museum’s star attractions is the Roman mosaic floor fragment, which has undergone much-needed conservation, funded by Daventry Town Council, in order to preserve it for future generations. The mosaic was unearthed during the discovery of the remains of a Roman building on Borough Hill, (at the highest point of the northern end, just west of the… Read more »

Victorian Theatre

With our new and upcoming exhibition on Victorian Leisure, our wonderful team of volunteers have been researching Victorian Theatre, read on to discover more! Although theatre was already part of the landscape of Britain by the start of the reign of Queen Victoria, it underwent rapid expansion throughout that period as part of a wider embrace of all types of live entertainment following… Read more »

New exhibition & virtual reopening in March 2021

Victorian Leisure; a spotlight on entertainment & science Coinciding with 150 years since the inception of The Royal Albert Hall, London and Daventry’s Assembly Hall in 1871, this exhibition will shed light on Victorian Society and their leisure pursuits. The Assembly Hall in Daventry was built in 1871 for meetings and entertainment including spelling bees, concerts and in the late 1880s became the… Read more »

Roman Mosaic Conservation Progress

                                            Whilst the museum’s doors are closed, our Roman mosaic floor fragment is undergoing some much-needed conservation work.  This fragment was unearthed at Borough Hill and was originally part of a significantly larger tile.  At 1278mm tall, 1175mm wide and weighing half… Read more »

Temporary Museum Closure from 4th November 2020

Further to Government guidelines Daventry Museum and Daventry Town Council have taken the decision to temporarily close the museum. The museum looks forward to reopening in early 2021 and welcoming our visitors with a brand-new exhibition on Victorian culture, entertainment and science. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with the latest news via our social media pages and enjoy the… Read more »

Information for visiting the museum

In accordance with current government guidelines and our own exhibition schedule the museum we are shut and will reopen in early 2021.

Sign up for online Theatre Performance and Drawing Competition!

Daventry Museum will again be playing host to the interactive theatre company Don’t Go Into The Cellar and this time it will be for all our virtual visitors.  This summer the theatre company will be recording and sharing their Victorian Fairy Tales performance exclusively with the museum to be viewed via this website and the Town Council’s YouTube channel!  Past audiences have enjoyed past performances immensely; so when April’s fully… Read more »

Help needed for upcoming exhibition – A Virtual and Veritable Cabinet of Curiosities

Share your collection be part of the virtual exhibition by emailing the museum

Available to view online from September 2020 Do you have a plethora of pottery, a whimsical animal collection, an assortment of fascinating fossils, or a ten-piece teapot collection? Maybe you have a hodgepodge of ceramic hedgehogs or a tantalising variety of old toys?  Would you like to share your love of them and be part of a new exhibition to virtual visitors to… Read more »

Daventry Remembers: VE Day Celebrations at home

It is 75 years ago this May that after 6 years of war victory was declared in Europe. Sadly, due to the current pandemic the town’s plans have been put on hold and we all find ourselves needing to stay apart whilst celebrating together. Our social media pages and that of the Town Council will be live on the day sharing virtual events… Read more »