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Ball from under mast

This small steel ball was at the base of one of the original masts erected in 1924 for the transmission of the longwave BBC radio service from Borough Hill. Placed between the base of the mast and a concrete block on the ground, the ball gave the mast the necessary flexibility to move with the wind. Incredibly, this little ball could support a… Read more »

Interactive Charter

New – explore our Interactive Charter Find out all about the charters the Museum has here

Refurbished Daventry Museum Now Open

Daventry Museum is now transformed into a wonderful place to visit, learn and handle artefacts from Daventry’s past. Our museum focuses on the social history in our town, with many thought provoking exhibits. Please call in…….you will receive a warm welcome.

Charity Football cup

This large silver cup was originally a musket shooting trophy of the Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry. The first shield is dated 1904. When the Yeomanry disbanded in 1921 the cup was presented to the Borough Council for use as a sporting trophy and it became the Charity Football Cup. In both cases, if you wanted to get your hands on the trophy, you had… Read more »

Daventry’s shiny new Museum to open

We are excited to announce that the new Museum will be reopening on Saturday 14th September from 11.00. We hope you come along to see for yourself. With everything on show from a man trap to the BBC transmitter that helped put our town in the world’s consciousness. You may even see someone you know in the Daventry wall of faces. The Museum… Read more »

Keep your eyes open for the Museum out in the town

We’ve been working with several town centres venues to bring Daventry’s history into everyone’s daily lives. Several of the Museum’s key objects have been placed in places where people can see them in a new way. The iCon has an iconic object in a Wave Change Truck which once channelled the World Service to far flung countries from Borough Hill. Among other objects… Read more »


Daventry-born Reginald John Foort was to become one of the most famous (and most recorded) theatre organists of all time. Working as a staff organist at the BBC, Foort went on to commission the Moller Organ Company in 1938 to create a travelling theatre organ that could be dismantled and taken on the road. With 2,000 pipes and weighing 30 tonnes, this was… Read more »


Nearly everyone in Daventry knows about legendary character Christina (Tina) Margaret Winter who would regularly been seen around town, smoking her clay pipe or riding on her bright pink motorcycle (appropriately nicknamed “Pink Panther”). An integral member of the community, Tina left a suitcase packed with diaries that span decades of personal notes and commentary, including newspaper clippings and memorable jokes. As well… Read more »

Ave Maria brooch

This must have belonged to a wealthy local who lived in the 14th Century. Found at Ashby St Ledgers in 2009, it gives us a glimpse of who lived where we now do, what they were like and what was important to them.


Daventry was ‘designed for growth’ by planners in the 1960s with orderly road networks and more than our fair share of roundabouts. A circular garden where one minds one’s manners, obeys the rules and takes one’s turn: it’s all very British.