Train station

Dav Railway Station

Daventry railway station opened in 1888 with much celebration and ceremony. To mark the occasion the Mayor and Corporation of Daventry traveled to Weedon in a special saloon attached to the 12.35pm train. It was reported that the Town Clerk took pride of place on top of the engine!

The railway, no longer in existence, used to be located to the east of the town centre (roughly where the current McDonalds sits), and the railway ran down along Southway. The station itself was built largely from wood and provided important transport links for workers, school children and various goods.  The engine servicing the passengers was called ‘The Gusher’, which also became the nickname for the local weekly newspaper: the Daventry Express.

There was a regular service running to Weedon and Northampton but in 1958 the line was closed because it no longer received enough traffic.

This Silver Award winning model of the railway is now housed in the museum and was made by Roger Bagnall.