Mayor of Iganga meets Mayor of Daventry at Museum

On Thursday 25th October Cllr Lynn Jones, Mayor of Daventry met with Cllr David Balaba, Mayor of Iganga Municipal Council, Uganda, in the Town Council Chamber and Daventry Museum.

Left to right: Peter Minhinnett of Daventry and District Friends of Iganga, Cllr Lynn Jones, Cllr David Balaba and Gordon Smallman of Daventry and District Friends of Iganga.

Cllr Balaba is currently in the UK, having attended the Global Parliament of Mayors conference in Bristol and is visiting friends and members of Daventry and District Friends of Iganga.

In 2016 Cllr Balaba was elected as Mayor of Iganga and will serve a term of 5 years. Cllr Balaba was formerly Chair of Iganga Friends of Daventry and was a Director at King of Kings School which was linked to Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village.

Iganga Town is located in east Uganda with a population of over 53, 000, which is more than double that of Daventry.

Iganga is a major thoroughfare with vast numbers coming in to the town for market day and is part of a main transport route. Cllr Jones explained that similarly Daventry is an historic market town, and was a major stopping point for stage coaches in the 17th century.

Cllr Lynn Jones showing Cllr David Balaba the Daventry Town Charters, housed in Daventry Museum.

David Walsh, Chairman Daventry and District Friends of Iganga spoke to Cllr Jones about the work that Daventry and District Friends of Iganga have carried out over the years:

“Daventry Friends of Iganga has been in existence as a Charity for 20 years, following on from a link initially set up by Daventry District Council. The Charity has undertaken numerous projects over the years including building 2 clinics, protecting many water supplies, adopting an orphanage and renovating residential accommodation for blind children. We have also supplied 2 refuse collection trucks, an ambulance and a 4×4 vehicle for outreach medical work. We have also provided much hospital and other equipment and developed links with schools”.