Exploration and Discovery at Daventry Museum

On Saturday 10th March the museum celebrated British Science Week by holding a free science event on the theme of Exploration and Discovery.

The museum had over 150 visitors who took part in hands-on activities including creating bubble art, working a robotic arm, examining creepy crawlies under a stereoscope and using ergonomics to design a pen grip.


Visitors explored the stars and planets with Astronomy for fun and UK Astronomy who helped children make their own space badges. Find out more about UK Astronomy here http://www.ukastronomy.org/

Tim Peake even dropped by to say hello!

The museum’s reception area turned in to a mini Antarctica, with help from the British Antarctic Survey, where visitors learnt about the Antarctic climate and its wildlife.

For more information about the British Antarctic Survey please follow this link https://www.bas.ac.uk/

Visitors were able to take part in an important project called the Plastic Tide, highlighting the major plastic issue in our oceans.

To take part in the project please follow this link https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/theplastictide/the-plastic-tide/classify

To encourage children to look after the environment the museum ran a competition to name our talking penguin bin. There were over 60 name suggestions and the winning name will be chosen by the Town Mayor, Cllr Lynne Taylor and will be announced later this week.

Also to be announced are the winners of our Exploration and Discovery Quiz in the under 10 and 11 plus categories. Over 50 children took part in quiz to be in with a chance of winning a prize…the winners will be announced later this week.

The museum would like to thank all those involved who helped put together the event including our very own volunteers, Cummins’ Tim King, Clare Fothergill, Environment Officer for of the British Antarctic Survey, members of Astronomy for Fun and UK Astronomy.